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Sunningdale Precision Industries Ltd is a subsidiary of Sunningdale Tech Ltd that offers a comprehensive one-stop precision mold fabrication in Singapore and China. We strongly believe and drive towards achieving Total Customer Satisfaction through our highly committed professionals and technical staff, together with fully equipped machining facilities. We are always at the forefront of assimilating new technology and knowledge in our tooling concept.


Tooling Capacities

Tooling capacity of 800 moulds per year for the total 3 tool rooms in Singapore , Shanghai & Tianjin)
3D X-Ray CT Scanning Machine

Measuring the attenuation of X-ray radiation through matter and volume reconstruction of local attenuation values using cone-beam reconstruction method
In-mould Decoration /Film Insert Moulding

FIM process is a finishing which decorated components are produced by inserting decorated, reshaped and trimmed semi-finished film products into the mold during the injection molding process. In this way components with complex bends can be produced with symbols, transmitted light design and multi-colored two-dimensional decorations (e.g. carbon, root wood design) and at the same time with simple decoration change from shot to shot.
MuCell Technology

A procees to create a microcellular foaming in molded plastic parts by injecting nitrogen gas to mix with the resin. Good process stability in parts quality and with economic benefits in return. Available on 250Ton & 650Ton machine.
3D ISO Cooling

3D ISO Cooling - Fusion Bonding & Printing
Co Design & New Product Development

Early supplier involvement in the project discussion in the early design stage of the product. It will speed up the 3D parts design phase and thus reduce the unnecessary communication downtime on design issues later.

Moulds & Plastic Components

Multi-Cavitation 3-Shot

2-colors Rotating Stack

Multi Layer Stack

High Complexity

High Precision

High Precision Side Mirrors

Automotive Products: 2K Moulding

Insert Moulding

Integrated Centre Stack

Automotive Projects: Air Registers

Automotive Projects: Knobs & Switches

Automotive Projects: Lightings

Automotive Projects: Reflectors



Steering Column Module

Roof Lamp Module

Front Grille

Single Shot Complex Parts

Multi-Shot Complex Parts

Multi-shot Components

Complex Automotive Tool

High Precision Light Guides

Complex Automotive Parts

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